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Mc Bali Rahmah Umayya

Rahmah Umayya
PR, Media, International Development Management, Mistress Of Ceremony, Public Speaker, TV Presenter, Entrepreneur.
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Specialties: branding and identity strategy, social networking, media PR and media planning, conceptor. last but not least art, design and floristry.
I have been working with one of the biggest media company for almost 5 years (MRA MEDIA) both in prints and broadcast industry. I love the opportunity of working with other culture and interested in international development management. Gradually involved myself in several social activities. One of them is SUTA ( Stand Up And Take Action ) campaign under management of United Nations. Let's work together for a greater good.
Full sevice floral and designs offering unique flower arrangements and custom-designed installations. With Bellish Flowers we take great care in understanding the specific vision & needs of each client.From spatial design to window installations to custom floral arrangements. We are committed to service, quality and high standards. Inspired by all beautiful things and devoted to share our creations with amazing clients like you.
mistress of ceremony, tv presenter, public speakerwww.showtime-management.comJanuari 2009  Januari 2011 (2 tahun 1 bulan) | Indonesia
Fashion, Beauty Editor, BroadcasterMRA MediaApril 2003 – April 2010 (7 tahun 1 bulan)| Indonesia
This is when i started my career back in 2002 until 2005. Have been building my media network especially with so many people in the related industries up until now. In 2008 i was joined MRA broadcast media and was chosen to join their prime time radio show until 2010. My radio show was chosen as the best radio show of the year by one of the most respectable local magazine in town.
Duff Miller College, London UKDiploma, Business Communication1998 – 2000
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