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Mc Jepang

Mc Jepang
Beberpa Talent Kami menguasai bahasa Jepang

Name                    : Seruni Narulita Permata
Date of Birth        : Bandung, 15 April 1973
Religion                 : Moslem
Status                     : Married


1991 - 1995                   : Sekolah Tinggi Bahasa Asing Yapari-ABA Bandung

                               Diploma III in Japanese

1996 - 1998                   : Kokusai Kotoba Gakuin, Shizuoka, Japan

                               2 years Course Japanese Language Academy

1998 - 1999                   : Shizuoka Eiwa  Gakuin University, Shizuoka, Japan

                               Diploma in attendance student / guest student

1999 - 2001                   : Shizuoka Eiwa  Gakuin University, Shizuoka, Japan

                               Diploma II in Nutrition (certificate of nutritionist)


1996 & 1997         : Taken “Noryoku Shiken” test level 2 & 1 organized by  Japanese Goverment

1998                     : Selected as Friendship Ambassador in Shizuoka Prefecture

1998 – 1999                  : Scholarship from Shizuoka Municipal Office

1999 – 2001                   : Scholarship from Monbushou

1998 –  2001        : Partimer at Bellje Japanese Restaurant, Shimizu – Japan

2001                        : Translated (Japanese – Indonesia) TV program Takeshi Castle

2009 – 2011         : Study English at Wall Street Institute School of English

  Management Course, PT.Teijin Fiber Indonesia Tbk 2006

5 S ( Seiri,Seiton,Seiso,Seikatsu and Shitsuke) Japanese Basic Industrial Course, By PT.Teijin Fiber Indonesia Tbk


PT. Teijin Indonesia Fiber Tbk. (TIFICO) (August 27,2001 – April 15,  2010) A Joint Venture Multi National Manufacturing company, established on October 25th, 1973 as a foreign capital investment (PMA). The company produced Chip, Filament yarn and staple fiber. The factory is located at 6.4 hectare and has more than 1,500 employees. I am appointed as Secretary to President Director.  Following are the details of my job:

·         Administration:     

·         To answers and sort telephone call for Japanese staff in professional and efficient manner

·         Takes messages for Japanese staff in clear and efficient manner

·         Organizes postage and document courier services

·         Actively involved in organizing Tifico 30th Anniversary, Renewal for Satisfaction, 50 Indonesia- Japan Staff

·         As Interpreter and Translator for Japanese Language to Bahasa Indonesia and vise versa

·         Provides administrative and secretarial support such as typing, photocopying and faxing to all Japanese Staff

·         Submits suggestions, ideas for improving operating standards for the factory; creative in formulating solutions and implementation plans

Liaises and coordinates with vendors regarding purchase, negotiation and maintenance of office supplies, entertainment, cars, apartments, hotels, furniture and equipments
To set up an appointment for Japanese Staff to meet visitors, customers, suppliers etc.
To organize souvenir for visitors and business partners

·         HRD (GA & Personnel):

·         To prepare & execute Public Expose

·         To prepare & execute Annual Share Holder Meeting

·         To convey the message or complain about the Japanese Staff Housing to GA Department

·          Coordinates and assists with move for incoming/outgoing  Japanese, ensures that all their needs are met

·         As a member of the new uniform committee

·         To prepare annual budget and submitted to Planning Department

·         To provide hotel and travel arrangement as well as to issue guarantee letter

·         To assist local staff in organizing the legal documentation for all Japanese Staff

·         To assist local staff in organizing tax payment for all Japanese Staff

 ·         Accounting/Finance:

Issues vouchers : Teijin Japan, Teijin Thailand, Nikkei Shimbun, Travel Agency, JJS, JJC, Hotel, JAC, Law Firm Company, APSYFI, Golf Membership.etc

To issue reminder payment to Teijin Japan, Teijin Thailand & other companies

To prepare the business trip report for all Japanese Staff

To prepare Annual Entertainment Expenses for Japanese Staff

To organize the payment of company’s credit cards for Japanese Staff only

To Reviews monthly expense reports and maintains accurate account of Japanese staff  expenditures and purchases

Make budget for President Director

I would like to resign because the company was  already sold their shares to the local company then it has an effect on to the number of Japanese Staff thus it automatically diminish my responsibilities.


Fluency in Japanese, English and Indonesia Language. Fluency in Japanese kanji, hiragana, katakana.

Working knowledge in Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet.

I have commitment :

·         Ready to working overtime when required.

·         Ready to follow training when required.

·         Ready to business trip inland and aboard


Open minded , friendly, familiar, Can corporate well.

Personal Interest

Travelling , Cooking, Singing

More Info, Activities & Job Experience

. Member & Committee of KAJI (Komunitas Alumni Jepang di Indonesai)

(インドネシア日同好会) from 2010 – until now

. June - July 2012           Interpreter at PT. Flexia Indonesia

. 23 Jan. 2011                MC at 1st KAJI Anniversary

. 28 Jan. 2012                MC at 2nd KAJI Anniversary

. 21 Maret 2012              Interpreter at Indonesia Soken

. 28, 29 April 2012                   Committee & MC at Sakura Matsuri 2011- Cikarang

. 11 May 2012                MC at 10th Anniversary PT. Toyo Denso Indonesia

. 14, 15 July 2012          Guide at AEON Mangrove Plantation Program

. 22 Sept. 2012               MC at Dialog Monozukuri - Rustono Tempeh (Japan)

. 22 Oct. 2012                MC & Interpreter at Japan, Osaka Study Abroad &

Job Fair

. 24 Nov. 2012                MC at 10th Anniversary PT. Tsuzuki & Asama Manufacturing

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